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France - Vigilance -

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France - Vigilance -  Empty France - Vigilance -

Post by Admin Sun Nov 15, 2015 9:29 am

Charlie Echo   Story HERE
1 hr · Edmonton

Good morning,
I wanted to contribute, in a construction fashion to the group, in response to what is top of mind for everyone now, and that is what has taken place in France. You will note, that at no time, do I mention any persons responsible, rather I focus on what happened and what can be done to better prepare for such eventuality. We need to allow the investigation to run its course, however in the interim lets get busy to develop our counter-measures!

- Vigilance -
We all know the threats and magnitude posed by a knife or firearm introduced to our environment in the wrong hands. Take that damage capability and multiply exponentially when considering the effects a single person wearing a bomb vest also known as a Improvised Explosive Device (IED). With the recent events in France, Europe and North America must prepare for this on our own soil more often. This is not meant to instill fear, but rather to educate ourselves as security professionals and and begin to prepare as an individual, a team, an organization for such incidence. We should not waste time and energy on fear, but rather in counter-planning and preparing for such an eventuality near us. When you understand something and have a plan, you are better prepared to manage it.

Dynamic, multi-layered disaster: in France, it was not only a bomb threat emergency, it was also an active shooter situation, there was barricading going on, and as we learned, hostage situations furthered by mass confusion, mass panic, mass evacuation. Multiple emergency scenes divided the emergency services response, increased response times due to mass evacuation and brought immediately available resources to capacity.

How many times have you trained for a fire drill that was masking an active shooter situation or a rape in progress where the victim(s) pulled the fire alarm as their only method for calling for help? I doubt you have, the time to begin to reinvigorate and cross train is NOW. We do not get second chances or restarts in Emergencies. Make your mistakes in realistic training and simulations so you can avoid them or work around them in the heat of the moment.
Remember that a threat assessment is only as good as the people conducting it and what they consider as possible.

Places at an elevated risk for an IED or similar attack:
- High patron volume locales such as shopping areas & tourist locations
- Government and/or High Profile Corporate Offices
- Utility (Power, Water, Telecom, Gas) Installations
- Transit Hubs (Bus, Train, Aviation, Watercraft terminal
- Places of worship & education facilities.

What can you do as an individual: Be aware of your circumstances, remain in contact with dispatch and express what it is your are investigating on approach (an open door, suspicious package in public area)

What can we do as a team: Be aware, increase patrols, enhance communication, review training and emergency protocol/S.O.P. for Bomb threats/mass evacuations/fire drills. Remember the cover and contact principles, especially when approaching a suspected IED, one person approaches at a time, the other person stays well back and uses shielding and observes the first person. The second person can also be busy calmly and discreetly moving any bystanders away/out of the area-it is best not to initially explain the reason, just that an area is closed at this time, so that you do not cause panic and new concerns.

As an organization: Review your protocols and S.O.P. if they require updating, inform the appropriate personnel of this and/or volunteer to spearhead the updating perhaps to include or expand on the threat of IED, bomb threats, mass evacuations and active shooter situations. Perform multiple drills simultaneously, there will be mistakes made, during debrief review these to develop best practices. Plan, Practice Drills in the workplace so that everyone is familiar with Muster points, emergency equipment and what to do and when. Cultivate a culture of preparedness-not fear and panic. Create a sense of vigilance at all levels of an organization, EVERYONE plays a role in assisting the security/protection/emergency services teams in an emergency and detecting one.
Lastly, remember that emergency services can quickly be overwhelmed with multiple calls/casualties and citizens and employees will need to fill in the gaps to allow emergency services to triage the worst of the worst. Take time to review information on having an emergency preparedness kit in your home and in your offices, ensure the contents are checked periodically and everyone knows where and how to find it.

This is provided to you, security and safety professionals with the express intent of educating, preparing and protecting you. It should not be released to the general public, for fear it falls into the wrong hands or creates opportunistic threats.

Remember to prepare physically and mentally for the challenges you may face every time you put on your uniform, and wear it with pride. Hug & Kiss your families and enjoy your life.
We are better, because of our investment in knowledge, we are stronger because of our preparation and we are ready for whatever we will face, together!
Stay Alert, Stay Safe!

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France - Vigilance -  Empty Semper vigilans!

Post by Nightwatchman Wed Nov 18, 2015 4:24 pm

Very good post, thank you, Admin and CE, Some parts I have learned through my studies in warfare, very useful as a guard.

Semper paratus, semper vigilans
France - Vigilance -  Nachtwaechter

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